F&G System

A fire and gas detection system is a part of the control and safety systems covering the overall control and monitoring requirements for the field. These will give warnings to personnel of any hazardous situations arising. Depending upon the level of hazard this detection equipment will also shut-down process equipment and actuate automatic fire fighting systems.
Sisico offers quality up to SIL3 compliant F&G systems that are reliable, effective and cost-efficient solution customized as per your requirements. Our oil & gas industry focus enables us to deliver F&G solutions that are industry standard compliant, give you and your insurer peace of mind, makes your assets and people safe, safe guard against worst case scenario but do not interfere in normal operations by generating false alarms; in short they are best suited for your needs.
Sisico offers a complete design of F&G systems based on PLC or EN 54 control panels. The system architecture are designed with SIL certified panels, detectors and actuators in order to grant the desired safety integrity level of each safety function.
Connected to a number of detectors, Sisico Fire and Gas Systems (F&G) can also interface with an Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), to initiate the automatic shutdown of the plant should a hazardous event occur.
Sisico can provide following items in the projects:

  • PLC base Gas Detection system (SIL2/SIL3)
  • Industrial Fire Alarm Panel (Addressable and Conventional) (PLC)
  • Modular Fire and Gas detection system
  • Fire Detector: Heat, Smoke, Flame Detector
  • Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas and H2 Detector
  • Audible and Visual Alarm Signaling

Advantages of Fire-Gas Detection:

  • Detects products of combustion
  • Sensitive enough to detect levels of gases produced between the occurrences of detectable particulate levels and detectable heat levels
  • Detects gases prior to reaching lethal levels

Testing and maintaining your fire alarm system

Fire alarms and F&G systems are designed to save lives, so it’s incredibly important to ensure that they are working properly at all times. All systems should be tested on a weekly basis and regular inspections must be carried out by a professional fire alarm technician.