The Fire Nozzle is an important part of the firefighting system. The selection of the fire nozzle type to be used by the department should depend upon the tactics and performance required. Nozzles are designed to help put out fires by getting the right amount of water, in the right form, in the right place. A nozzle cannot create flow. The available water, pump capacity, hose lays, etc., determine what a nozzle can achieve.

Nozzles have three main functions:

Control Flow

The size of the orifice in the outlet of the nozzle controls the flow.

Provide Reach

The nozzle creates a restriction at the end of the waterway, which changes water pressure to velocity. Velocity provides the reach, which is necessary to get the water to where it is needed.

Create Shape

Different situations require different methods of applying water or foam. Some situations require the reach and penetration of a straight stream, while others require the heat adsorption capability or radiant heat protection of a wide angle fog spray.



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