Inert Gas

Inert gas (IG) is one of the representatives of the neutral extinguishing gases. Neutral gases have three characteristic features:

  •  They exist naturally in the atmosphere, so they do not have negative impact on environment.
  •  It is not electrically conductive.
  •  They do not cause any pollution after discharge.

Inert gases due to their advantages are used in protecting areas equipped by electronical and other energized devices, and at every place where valuable property is kept.

Sisico offers IG01, IG55, IG100 and IG541 Gases with all the components. These systems are typically designed and implemented for work pressures of 200 and 300 bars and The cylinders using in this system are 67 and 80 liters capacities.

Inert Gas System consists of four basic components and their associated accessories:

  •  Argonite Cylinders and Components
  • Completer Kits
  •  Control Panels
  • Detection and Alarm Devices.