Foam Based Suppression System

Foam systems are divided in two main types:

  • Low Expansion type that bubble expansion ratio is less than 1 to 20 and the bubble contains a high water content.
  • Medium and High Expansion types that expansion ratios are bigger than 1 to 20 up to 1000. At these expansion ratios, the bubble water content is low and the bubble is relatively light. The foam bubbles are made by mixing a foam concentrate with water to make a foam solution. The foam solution is then mechanically agitating to foam bubble.

Our Products

SISICO extensive line of high quality, durable and field proven foam system hardware include:

  • Vertical Foam Bladder Tank
  • Horizontal Foam Bladder Tank
  • Fixed-System proportioning equipment
  • Discharge device (Foam maker, Foam chamber and Nozzles)
  • Portable equipment
  • Custom-engineered trailer and skid-mounted foam system (foam trailer)
  • Self-contained foam units
  • Foam skid units – foam trolley
  • High back pressure