Foam Based Suppression System

Foam systems come in two types, as follows:

  •  Low Expansion, where the bubble expansion ratio is small (less than 20 to 1) and the bubble contains a high water content.
  •  Medium and High Expansion, where the expansion ratios are greater from 20 to 1 up to 1,000 to 1. At these expansion ratios, the bubble water content is low and the bubble is relatively light. The foam bubbles are made by mixing a foam concentrate with water to make a foam solution. The foam solution is then mechanically agitated to form bubbles.

Sisico’s extensive line of high-quality, durable, and field-proven foam system hardware includes:

  •  Vertical foam bladder tank
  •  Horizontal foam bladder tank
  •  Fixed-system proportioning equipment
  •  Discharge devices (foam maker, foam chamber and nozzles)
  •  Portable equipment
  •  Custom-engineered trailer- and skid-mounted foam systems (foam trailer)
  •  Self-contained foam units
  •  Foam skid units- foam trolley
  •  High back pressure

Our Foam Systems equipment most of which is designed, tested, and manufactured by Sisico reflects our decades of experience in fire suppression technologies and applications.

Typical Areas of Foam System Used:

  •  Aircraft hangars
  •  Petrochemical
  •  Oil and Gas
  •  Flammable liquid storage
  •  Tank farms
  •  Loading facilities
  •  Warehouses