Deluge Valve

Deluge skids are packages used to control the flow of water or water/foam solution in fixed fire suppression, cooling or gas containment systems, used for fast application of water in a spray system.

Our company provide Deluge Valve from well-known manufacturer as CLA-VAL, Darling Muesco and HD Fire companies that are under NFPA standard and certified by UL and approved by FM, and make skids with all accessories integrated in our company as per client request.

Deluge Skid Type:

  •  Electrical type
  •  Pneumatic type
  •  Pressure regulating or normal type

Reference: NFPA 11, NFPA 13, ANSI

Deluge Valve Material: Ductile and Cast Iron, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Naval Bronze

Accessories: Strainer, isolating butterfly or gate valve, pressure switch/ pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and etc.

We produce deluge valve skids with cabinet, canopy and Heat Tracing.