FM200 (Heptaflourupropane also known as HFC-227 ea) Automatic Extinguishing System is one of the modern intelligent systems which can discharged into the risk within 10 seconds and suppresses the fire immediately.

FM200® is a clean, colorless and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent that is electrically non-conductive and safe for humans. It extinguished flames primarily through heat absorption with no residue and thus minimizing downtime after fire.

This fire suppression system is good for some places like:

  • Computer rooms
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • High tech medical applications
  • Priceless arts and historic landmarks

Our Products

SISICO FM200 clean agent fire suppression system is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and listed by underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Class A, B and C fire.

  • Reference: NFPA 2001
  • Agent: HFC227
  • Cylinder Capacity: 67.5, 80 and 140 Lit.
  • Cylinder Pressure: 150, 200, 300 bar
  • Activation Type: Pneumatic/Manual
  • Activation Device: Master/Slave, N2 Pilot
  • Selector valve: SVD, 1/2-4”
  • Pressure Level: High Pressure
  • Piping Test Pressure: As per NFPA 2001
  • Cylinder Filling Alarm: Low Pressure Switch
  • Piping & Fittings Type: Standard Threaded/Welded
  • Piping & Fittings Size: 1/2 up to 4”
  • HFC Cylinder
  • Pilot Cylinder
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Selector Cabinet
  • Manifold
  • Supports and Skid
  • Activation Hoses
  • Discharge Hoses
  • Discharge Valves
  • Manual Actuator
  • Selector Valve
  • High Pressure Switch (PSH)
  • Low Pressure Switch (PSL)

Our Services

SISICO integrates Gas Based system from well-known manufacturer as Komtes AG Group (SIEX), Minimax, ABS, Eusebi, Unidet, Vitkovice, Rotarex, that are under NFPA standard and certificated by UL listed and approved by FM, and make skids with all accessories integrated in our company as per client request.