Fire Pump

EBITT is a professional company that have strong knowledge of expertise in the field of fluid transfer systems and technologies. EBITT respects the quality not only on his products and services but also in the communication process established with his customers, dealers and employees. The specialist staff of EBITT, researches, develops and optimizes “smart technologies” for efficient usage of energy and natural resources and in addition to innovative products, tries to move the quality of service consistently higher. Products in different type of applications are as follows:

  •  Fire Fighting/NFPA Standard
  •  Oil & Gas/API Standard
  •  HVAC/DIN Standard
  •  Water Supply/DIN Standard

The company has implemented large firefighting systems by certified UL approvals and registering it as a manufacturer of firefighting pumps in different parts of the world.

  •  Centrifugal Fire Pump / Split Case Type / UL Listed Up to 3000 GPM.
  •  Centrifugal Fire Pump / End Suction Type / UL Listed Up to 2500 GPM.

Sisico as a representative of the company in Iran, doing its utmost to maintain the interests of its Clients. For the package of fire pumps, the company uses the following equipment

  •  For Diesel from the brand Clarke-UK
  •  For Panel from the brand Tornatec-Canada
  •  For Electromotor from the brand WEG-UK\Brazil

Firefighting Pump Station

  •  Reference: NFPA 20 / UL Listed / FM Approved
  •  Inline Type of Pump Sets: Horizontal, Vertical
  •  Driven: Fixed Speed, Variable Speed
  •  With Different Material Executions: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, AISI304/316 Stainless Steel, Duplex Material

Accessories: Electrical Pump with Panel, Diesel Pump with Panel, Jockey Pumps with Panel, Expansion Vessel Tank, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Test Line, High Pressure Switch, Low Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, Skid, Safety Valve, Flow Meter, Pressure Sensing Line, Expansion Joint, Sprinkler System, Alarm Check Valve.