Post Indicator Valve

Post Indicator Valve (PIV) is a valve assembly used convenient to open or close the water supply main to a fire protection system. PIVs are applied where firemen need a clear indication of the position of the valve. it is possible to change the buried valve status from above ground by Post Indicator Valves. They generally consist of a non-rising stem (NRS) gate valve.

The Post Indicator Valves could be operated by one of the below manners.

  • Lever Wrench
  • Hand Wheel
  • Gear Box

Our Products

SISICO manufactures the telescopic type of Post Indicator Valve to depth of burial in different position be adjustable.

The body of PIVs is casted with ductile iron and the material of gate valve is usually ductile iron and cast steel. It is worth noting that actuator stem is provided with stainless steel. We construct PIVs in size 2” to 24”.