Foam Based

The Foam Rim Seal System consists of a pressure vessel containing premixed foam solution kept under pressure of Nitrogen or compressed air tanks to special a balancing valve located on the upper part of the system. Each Rim Seal Package system protects 40 running meters of a storage tank rim area. 

Foam Based units can be configured with the following operational methods:

  • Deluge Using a Pneumatic Linear Heat Detection System
  • Deluge Using an Electrical Linear Heat Detection System
  • Wet Type Using Closed Head Nozzles

Activation of the unit is via a propellant gas (nitrogen) which can be:

  • Stored in the foam tank (Stored Pressurized Unit)
  • Held into an internal or external cartridge (Un-Pressurized Unit)

Foam Concentrate is available for the unit as per:

  • AFFF
  • FFFP

Discharge Nozzle

  • Open type deluge (discharge is simultaneous through all package nozzles)
  • Closed type wet (discharge takes place only from those activated. Solution available only for stored pressure units)