Foam Pump System

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SISICO supplies two types Pump Skid:

  • Balanced-Pressure Proportioning Pump Skids
  • In-Line Balanced-Pressure (ILBP) Proportioning Pump Skids

These pump skids are designed to deliver large quantities of foam concentrate, accurately proportioned into the water stream and operate over a wide range of flows and pressures so do not require manual adjustment but have a manual override capability.

Foam Pump Skid Components:

foam pump skid including following items as minimum:

  • Atmospheric storage tank
  • Positive displacement pump, drive by electric or diesel motor
  • Proportioner
  • Diaphragm balancing valve
  • Interconnecting piping components
Advantage of foam pump skid:
  • The Proportioner can be inserted into the line at any point between the water source and Discharge Outlet Device.
  • It can accommodate an almost infinite number of demands, each with a different size Proportioner and wide range of flow.
  • No adjustment required.
Available Options for Supply:
  • Stainless steel or Polyethylene foam storage tank
  • Balance pressure Proportioner or in-line balance Proportioner
  • Stainless Steel Piping components
  • Interception motorized valve on tank outlet line
  • Automatic control panel
Ordering Information:

Please specify the following:

  • Type of storage tank
  • Capacity of storage tank
  • Design & Working Pressure
  • Whether required Interception motorized valve on tank outlet line
  • Quantity & flow rate of Proportioner/s
  • Type of foam and Foam mixing ratio (1% or 3% or 6%)
  • Quantity & Specifications of Foam Pump/s
  • Type & Specification of control panel