Fire Extinguisher

We are the official representative of ABS Company in Iran. ABS fire fighting has been founded in 1999 by highly qualified staff with thirty years experience in national and international markets. The fire extinguishers range of this company are as follows:

Certificate & Approval:EN3.7-UNI 9492-ISO 9000-CE-PE 97/23 Solas-RINA-Marina Mercantile-MED -DNV.– BV

ABC Powder (Made in Germany) certified ISO 9001 and EN 615 with superior quality. Cylinders are made in ABS company, sand blasted by metallic sand and painted by epoxy-polyester powder Red color Ral 3000 resistant to all weather conditions and to the ultraviolet rays.
Our goal is to provide our customers with quality fire extinguishers at a great value.