Foam Chamber

Foam chambers consist of a foam expansion chamber and an integral foam maker with a stainless steel screened air inlet. Each chamber includes an orifice plate, two inlet gaskets, vapor seal assembly, cover gasket, and an outlet gasket. The required deflector (split or shallow) and optional mounting pad assembly are sold separately. 

A removable orifice plate located at the flanged inlet to the foam maker is sized to deliver the required flow rate of foam solution at a specified inlet pressure. A frangible Teflon vapor seal is burst upon entry of foam solution allowing an unrestricted flow of expanded foam into the chamber body. From the chamber body, the foam flows through the foam deflector which disperses the foam into the storage tank. 

The chamber vapor seal is accessible for inspection and service through a hinged inspection hatch that is secured with captive bolts. The hatch also contains a lifting handle that is designed to support the weight of the foam chamber. 

The foam deflector directs the foam stream down the tank sidewall to lessen the submergence of the foam and agitation of the fuel surface. The foam deflector is a split (two-piece) style. The split deflector allows for either bolting or welding to storage tanks when installation may be performed from both sides of the tank wall as with newly constructed tanks. The split deflector also allows for insertion of the deflector through the flange opening from the outside wall as is often required with tanks already in service. The foam chamber and deflector can be bolted to the storage tank using a mounting pad. The pad contains mounting studs to fit standard flange holes.

Our Products


  • Choice of four foam chamber sizes for various foam solution flow rate requirements
  • Hinged inspection hatch with captive bolt securement for ease of inspection and maintenance
  • Choice of carbon steel or stainless steel 304 with corrosion resistant (CR) epoxy paint finish
  • Teflon vapor seal allows unrestricted flow of expanded foam
  • Convenient vapor seal replacement without removal of retaining bolts

ReferenceNFPA 11

Inlet Connection: ASME B16.5 Flange #150

Outlet Connection: ASME B16.5 Flange #150

Inlet Size: 2” – 2,1/2” – 3”

Outlet Size: 4” – 6” – 8”


  • Carbon Steel ST 37
  • Stainless Steel

Mesh Plate Material: Stainless Steel

Thickness: 3 mm

Operating Pressure:3-8 bar

Design Pressure:12 bar

Finish Paint: Polyurethane Red RAL 3000


  • Rapture Disk
  • Orifice
  • Air Strainer
  • Foam Pourer