Rim Seal System

Rim Seal fire protection systems is designed to provide a rapid firefghting measure, used to detect and suppress fire events when occurring at the rim area of floating roof storage tanks, in early stages before creating a developed fire event.

Rim Seal floating roof tank fires represent one of the most dangerous threats for chemical and petrochemical storage farms. The most efficient way to avoid such fires to develop uncontrolled is that of installing a fire detection and suppression system. Such systems specified by NFPA 11 provides well proven methods of firefighting on floating roof tanks

The solutions available are several types and each one is designed to cope specific tank seal design, fuel content and environmental condition. The Rim Seal Fire Suppression Systems are available based on the following extinguishing agents:

  •  Foam Based unit (FFFP or AFFF)
  •  Gas Based unit (HFC 227 ea or CF3I)

Rim Seal Units interconnection with the main control system or F&G can follow different wiring logic depending on the oil company fire protection strategy. The interface with the control system or F&G main panel allows for monitoring the unit status in stand by condition and can be arranged according to different architectures depending on the degree of monitoring. Control Panels can be connected to third party DCS or dedicated monitoring station (SCADA). Graphic maps will be displayed on the monitor screen indicating the status of all rim seal units.